As a shareholder, you buy a share in Friskoven and get the right to build a home in an existing building or on a building plot.

The share price, which is approx. between DKK 108,000 - 240,000 depending on size, includes purchase of the property, development of all shares, legal assistance etc. as well as a Friskoven capital for the construction of communal areas.

The shareholders are responsible for the payment and construction of private housing on their share.

Before you make a final decision on whether you want to apply to become a member of Friskoven, it is important that you have read and taken a position on our Vision and Articles of Association .


If you are interested, you are very welcome to write an application and will thus be notified as soon as we open up for visits and start the new process for new admissions. The process for 2021 is described below. The process in 2022 will probably be similar to this.

Procedure for admission of new members 2021


Friskoven is a very young project and there is still a lot to decide and build up before we are completely ready to fill all open spots in the community.


We have therefore decided to limit admissions to 1-2 new members / families as a member of the cooperative housing association Friskoven in 2021.


It is very important for us to create a dynamic, diverse and cohesive group in Friskoven. We want to create a strong community where we know, understand and respect each other and at the same time are a mixed group of qualities and age groups, for a stronger and more resilient community where we can complement each other.


Shares in Friskoven therefore do not go to the first or highest bidder! We want to find exactly the qualities we feel are lacking in the community right now.


We therefore open the doors and invite all interested parties to visit Friskoven every Saturday during June and July 2021 (starting from 19th of June). These Saturdays we have open working days where we work together on communal projects - You can get a tour and meet the current members. There will be tours at. 9-10 and again at 16-17.

A communal meal will be served for lunch around noon.

You can spend the night in your own tent or similar over the weekend. There will be a compost toilet available, but otherwise we do not facilitate accommodation, baths, etc.

Link to the facebook event.


If you are interested in becoming one of the new members in Friskoven, you must write an application via our form before 1st of August 2021 (You don't need to have been here to the open work days, these are just for you to be able to see the place.)

Later applications will be considered in 2022.

The applicants will be invited for a one week visit during one of the last two weeks of August (16-22/23-29) where we can get to know each other better and there is room to ask more in-depth questions.

In the autumn, we invite 1-2 families / individuals to be here for a month and then determine the final admission into the association.


For the rest of the applications, we will admit more members in 2022! You will receive more information about this later.


We look forward to meeting you all!


- Friskoven


Information for new interested